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My BIG WHY —I finally figured it out after many years, and it is ME. Every day I show up for myself, and I will be honest some days it is the best version, and other days it is full of dry shampoo and naps! Being an entrepreneur is the greatest thing I have ever done and at times be the loneliest and hardest. Finding myself in my early 30s miserable, working for a company that was never going to hear me or see me, in a toxic relationship, living paycheck to paycheck, and just existing; I didn’t want to just exist. I wanted to live. I know… cliché AF, but it’s my truth. I grew up in an environment where I didn’t know things like home ownership, financial security, unconditional love, and success (I mean hard-core success) were even an option. I finally woke up and realized this was not the life I wanted & set out to create and build it from the ground up! 


My journey began with a leap into real estate, fueling my passion for entrepreneurship, and leading me to quickly establish an independent brokerage. I immersed myself in mastering business operations, marketing strategies, and self-improvement, embracing every learning opportunity. This path reignited my creativity, igniting the launch of a flower studio. My passion and strategic approach quickly scaled the flower studio to six-figure success, solidifying my love for building and owning businesses.

Throughout my journey as a business owner, I've discovered the exhilarating challenge of building and transforming businesses, fueling my growth and affirming my identity as a multi-passionate individual. This path has not only expanded my horizons but also sparked a genuine enthusiasm for helping others on their transformative adventures, blending my varied passions to inspire success and creativity.

Baloo & Cristina
Go Broncos
Creating a Masterpiece

Things I Love...

  • My Dog Baloo & Cat Charlie
  • Traveling
  • Getting Shit Done
  • Audiobooks
  • My People 
  • Good Food & New Food
  • Sunshine 
  • Learning 
  • Taking 'Risks'
  • Helping YOU Get Shit Done
  • Football
  • Talking About Goals & Money
  • Therapy
  • Well Placed Curse Words 
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