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featured Women In My Life Series

Get to know some of the most inspirational women in my life


Thrilled to kick off our Featured Woman in Life series with the incredible Katie! A personal stylist, designer, and seamstress who brings authenticity and flair to everything she does. Katie's not just about fashion; she's about empowering confidence through style. With her impeccable fashion sense, passion for helping & authenticity, she truly is unmatched in the world of wardrobe stylists! 

"I take a different approach to styling! I don’t believe in asking my clients to dress up to go to the grocery store or to pick up the kids from school (unless they want to!). It’s about having options in your closet when you need them to avoid the last-minute freak-outs!" -Katie 

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I am delighted to feature Emily Garcia, LCSW, the powerhouse behind Tribe Mind Body Wellness & the inspiring SoulStirred Podcast. With her welcoming spirit & bravery, Emily creates a safe space for growth & healing, standing as a testament to ambition & loyalty.y

Emily & her team at Tribe Mind Body Wellness offer an array of therapy services along with her monthly EmpowHer Women's Gathering, speaking engagements, and corporate workshops.

Connect with Emily:

SoulStirred Podcast

Tribe Mind Body Wellness


Excited to shine the spotlight on Courtney, a remarkable entrepreneur who mastered both photography and freelance marketing. With kindness, creativity, and unwavering dedication, Courtney brings her clients’ visions to life. Her smart, soulful approach to work not only captures moments but also crafts compelling narratives. Dive into Courtney’s world of visual storytelling and strategic brilliance.

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Thrilled to spotlight Lisa, the genius behind Illumination BI, a game-changer in data analysis for small businesses aiming to make informed financial decisions. Beyond her sharp business acumen, Lisa embodies authenticity and a unique blend of creativity, with a deep love for books and all things spooky. Her remarkable work ethic and strength as a business owner inspire us all. Lisa's journey reminds us that behind every successful venture lies a passion for innovation and a heart full of diverse interests.

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